Exchange 2010 and the Case of the Empty Server Container

I have seen several issues pop up with Exchange 2010 in regard to Public Folders.  They include:

  • Public Folder replication fails with Event 1020
  • Mail-enabled Public Folders do not receive email

These issues all link back to the same problem; an empty “Servers” container under an Exchange Administrative Group.  This typically occurs in an environment were you have migrated from Exchange 2003 and have decommissioned the last of the legacy Exchange servers.  To fix this issue do the following:

  1. Launch ADSI Edit and connect to the Configuration container
  2. Browse to CN=Services –> CN=Microsoft Exchange –> CN=OrganizationName –> CN=AdministrativeGroupName –> CN=Servers
  3. Verify the CN=Servers container is empty.  If it is right-click on CN=Servers and choose Delete from the context menu

More information on this error can be found in the following KB article.


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