Blackberry Enterprise Server and Exchange 2013

After a long Friday night I thought I would provide some insights in what needed to be done to get BES 5.x to work with Exchange 2013.  It was definitely not as easy as it should be.

First and foremost follow the article provided by Blackberry.  There are a lot of steps and, if you miss one, you’ll be in for some trouble.  Here’s the link to that article which includes sublinks that you’ll have to follow…

A couple of additional notes that helped me…

This requires either BES 5.0 SP4 MR2 (or higher) or BES Express SP4.  For BES Express you’ll also need to call Blackberry and get them to send you a special update.  You can reference KB33406. Note that, if you don’t have a support contract, you’ll either need to pay for the support call or open the support call through you’re wireless carrier.

You’ll need to update MAPI-CDO to version 6.5.8353.0.  You can download that here…  Updating this caused our first issue.  When you run it, it will act like it installed correctly but, on checking the CDO.dll file, it was clear that it didn’t update because the file was in use.  I ended up uninstalling the current version of MAPI-CDO, which stopped the necessary services, and then installing the new version.

In KB33413 the article references setting the RPCHTTPProxyMap_BES Registry value to “*=”.  Later in the article it tells you to change this Registry value to “” if you are setting up coexistence between Exchange 2007/2010 and Exchange 2013.  This appears to be where I ran into problems.  When starting the BES Controller Service after making these changes we got the following error…

MailboxManager::TestOpenMsgStore – OpenMsgStore (0x8004011d)

We ended up opening a case with Blackberry and found out it was caused by problems connecting to Exchange 2013 via RPC-HTTP.  Changing the RPCHTTPProxyMap_BES Registry value back to “*=” got us working again.  I asked if this would cause problems with coexistence with Exchange 2007/2010 and was told no.  Everything seems to be working so I’m assuming they are correct.  🙂

Good luck!


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